when to start meat

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Up until recently, dietitians advised starting your baby with rice cereal, followed by fruits and vegetables, then meats.  Now, according to experts, meat is the priority food for babies.  It’s been bumped to the front of the line, and red meats are preferred as one of your baby’s first foods! Seriously? Red Meat? You might be thinking, doesn’t that fly in the face of what we know about how unhealthy red meat can be for us? Well, the answer is yes and no (generalizations don’t work very well in nutrition). One reason red meat has a bad reputation is because of its high iron … Read More

which foods to start with

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Your baby’s first foods should be good sources of iron. From a nutritional standpoint, the need for starting babies on solids is because their bodies’ need for iron is greater than breastmilk or formula alone can provide. Naturally, the foods you’ll want to choose to introduce your baby to first, are going to be foods that are high in iron. You have several choices: Meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish Egg yolks Legumes and lentils Tofu and soybeans Iron-fortified baby cereal Iron content in 100g of selected foods: Cooked chicken liver: 11.63 mg (see note on safety concern) Cooked beef liver: 6.54 mg … Read More

why even nutrition experts disagree on the optimal time to start solids

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The recommendation to start at 6 months is aimed at nearly all babies. This is how recommendations for the public work, they have to be generalized. For example, the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for vitamins and minerals established by the Institute of Medicine are statistically designed to be adequate for 97.5% of the stated population.  So, an adult aged 19-50 is supposed to get 1000 mg of calcium per day, which sounds fine until you consider these two gentlemen, aged 19-50:   Do they need the same amount of calcium? Probably not.  Generalized recommendation can’t account for variables like gender, weight, height, activity level, etc.   What’s acceptable for … Read More

when to start YOUR baby on solids: a readiness checklist

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There are many conflicting recommendations about when your baby should start solids.  It can be tough to know exactly when to do it, which can be particularly stressful for parents since there are several aspects to this decision.  Reasons to add solids Let’s start with the reasons why baby needs to start eating solids.  Nutrition: To maintain adequate iron stores. Until approximately 6 months, your baby doesn’t NEED food other than breastmilk. After that age, breastmilk can no longer keep up with the body’s high demands for iron and other minerals. Reduced risk of Celiac: There has been some interesting research recently that shows there might … Read More

how to cook pulses (beans, chickpeas, etc)

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how to cook pulses

I have unbalanced spending habits. I scrimp and save on my grocery bill, drive in a way that will maximize fuel economy, only stop at a coffeeshop if I’m meeting up with a friend, and then go spend all my money on a trip to Europe.  I guess I get a kick out of being thrifty… most of the time. I also get a kick out of healthier food options. We eat a lot of chickpeas, beans, and lentils around our place, as opposed to ground beef. Partly because a meat-heavy diet has been linked to certain diseases and is … Read More