Cut Down on Sugar! practical & healthy snack ideas from a dietitian

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low sugar snack ideas

This post was developed through a sponsored collaboration with KIND healthy snacks.  However, all opinions are mine! “I know what I should do, I just can’t do it.” I hear this a lot from my clients. How about you? You know you probably shouldn’t eat so much sugar, but are you confident that you can eat less? You probably think the problem is your willpower. You’re probably beating yourself up about it. The good news is that your problem may be more of a knowledge problem than a willpower problem. In a recent survey conducted by Leger and KIND, Canadians shows that … Read More

is powdered peanut butter healthy?

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powdered peanut butter

Powdered peanut butter is all the rage! But should it be? When I first heard about this powdered PB I thought it was just a clever invention for astronauts and backpackers. Then I started to see it pop up on Instagram. Regular, everyday people were eating this stuff in their regular, everyday lives. Like, with full gravity… in their kitchen! So I needed to explore why this was happening. I didn’t have to look far. The main reason people like powdered peanut butter is plastered in big bold letters right on the jar. “85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter” … Read More

Veggie Straws: are they a healthy choice?

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Let’s talk Veggie Straws! On the surface they sound like a healthier snack option, don’t they? I mean they have the word VEGGIE in the title and they’re so light and airy and a serving is 68 straws! Sounds amazing! But are they really? I decided to see how they stack up to other chips. I had tortilla chips in my house so that’s what I used as a comparison. THE TLDR VIDEO VERSION: Veggie straws take up the same volume as tortilla chips At first it sounds like you’re getting a HUGE snack with a serving of veggie straws: 68 pieces! … Read More

Canada’s new food labels…everything you need to know (including what you can ignore)

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Health Canada recently announced changes to the food labels found on packaged foods in Canada. These changes are super helpful for consumers!  Don’t worry, I’ll explain how. But first let me complain a bit about how long it will take for these changes to take effect. Unfortunately for us, food companies have five years to implement the mandatory changes. So by the time they all get on board it will probably be time to revise the rules again! #WhySoSlow skyrocketing usefulness for Canada’s food labels As you can see, the appearance of the nutrition facts hasn’t changed too much.  Photo source: But the … Read More

how to find healthy granola/snack bars at the grocery store (+ my top 5 choices)

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Top 5 Healthy Snack Bars

Announcing a new series here at Smart Nutrition, the Virtual Grocery Store Tour! I’d love to meet all my readers in person and give each one of you a personalized grocery store tour, but that just isn’t possible… unless you want to fly me all over the world. I’m down with that! But until then, I’m taking the tour to you! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Why Granola Bars? Granola and snack bars are a convenient item to have on hand as a back-up item. Keep them in the pantry for those times when life … Read More

choose your eggs carefully

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what to look for when buying eggs

  Options are great, right?  When you have lots of options you can choose exactly what fits your needs, wants, values, etc…. but those options come at a price.  Having too many choices can be stressful and time consuming! A quick trip to the grocery store can turn into a daylong event. After  deciding which yogurt to buy, whether to buy multigrain or whole grain bread, etc. etc… you have to choose between millions of eggs that all look the same. The best egg for you depends on what matters most to you.  Nutrition?  The way the hens were raised?  Price? Each … Read More

5 ways eggs are better than you think

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Eggs have a bad reputation that they just can’t seem to shake. The ‘90s may have been good for Aqua and Pearl Jam but they sure gave eggs a hard time. This is too bad, because there are many reasons why eggs are fantastic. #1 – High Quality Protein The protein in eggs consistently scores high across different measurements of protein quality. Proteins, like words, are comprised of letters of an alphabet. Protein’s “alphabet” contains 21 letters called amino acids. 9 of these are called essential because the human body needs to get them from food, while your body can … Read More