6 ways to flavour plain yogurt

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6 ways to flavour plain yogurt

I apologize for being a little MIA over the past week or so. Last week I spent a whole afternoon solidly working on new blog posts…. and then something went crazy with my web hosting and I lost it all. All of it! No chance of recovery! I tried to put on a brave face and smile through it all but inside I was crying. 

On top of that, four days ago my toddler decided that afternoon naps were a thing of the past. I know I was pretty spoiled but I had grown accustomed to his 2+ hour naps. I was not ready for this change. My worklife was not ready for this change. He didn’t even give me any warning! 

I was chatting with another mom about these sudden schedule changes. It really feels as though the parent and the child have signed a contract on these matters. And then the child goes and reneges on the deal. Such a jerk move. Toddlers are jerks. But oh how I love them fiercely! 

Anyhow, I photographed these cute little yogurt flavours last week and have been so excited to share them with you! And how I finally can ūüôā Despite how tasty they appear, aren’t they just so beautiful? 

I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with the different flavours. Knowing me, I’m not done yet. I’ll be experimenting in the kitchen until my dying day. 


Why It’s A Smart Choice

When you add in your own toppings, you have FULL control over the sweetness level! Some sweetened yogurts can have up to 20g of added sugars in a single serving. That’s 5 tsp of sugar. To look at it another way, the World Health Organization recommends that adults keep their added sugars to 6-12 tsp per day.  So one serving of yogurt nearly puts you at your limit! 

A can of Coke has 10 tsp of sugar. You would probably never pour half a can of Coke into your breakfast but that’s basically what the food manufacturers are doing with your sweetened yogurt. 

But going from full sweetened to plain yogurt is quite a shock to the tastebuds who have grown accustomed to the sugar. In the past I used to mix some of the sweetened with the plain. Now that I’ve discovered all these great flavours that are already in my house, I can simplify my shopping and just buy the plain!

With adding your own toppings you can start at the sweetness level you’re used to and gradually dial it down. This way you won’t be shocking your tastebuds; you can slowly acclimatize them to less and less sugar.  

strawberry chia yogurt

Strawberry Chia

  • Add in a spoonful of strawberry jam (or any flavour!) and a spoonful of chia seeds. 
  • Note: don’t try mixing this in advance and taking it for lunch. The chia seeds will turn your yogurt into cement! Keep them separate and mix together just before eating.


Yogurt Flavours (22 of 37)

Zesty Orange

  • Stir in a spoon of frozen orange juice concentrate. 
  • The concentrate sweetens the yogurt slightly but keeps the tanginess intact!

Yogurt Flavours (20 of 37)

Salsa Cheese

  • Mix in some salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.
  • This was my first attempt at a savory yogurt combo. I really enjoyed it but Jeremy and the toddler were less enthusiastic. And by that I mean my husband wouldn’t even taste it and my toddler immediately spit it out of his mouth! So there are mixed reviews on this flavour. I’d suggest starting with a VERY small bowl to test it out for yourself!
  • For other savory yogurt ideas, check out these ones from Foxes Love Lemons!

Yogurt Flavours (16 of 37)

Almond Coconut

  • Stir in a scoop of almond butter and some unsweetened shredded coconut.
  • This one was my absolute favourite flavour! I loved how it mellowed out the sourness of the yogurt but without adding any sugar. 

Yogurt Flavours (11 of 37)

Berry Maple

  • Top your yogurt with fresh (or frozen) berries and a drizzle of maple syrup.
  • This classic combination is hardly a novel idea but it’s so good I had to include it!

Yogurt Flavours (10 of 37)

Peanut Butter Chocolate

  • Mix in peanut butter, hemp hearts and top with some chocolate chips. 
  • There’s not really much to sell you on here… peanut butter and chocolate is a no brainer combination! 

6 ways to flavour plain yogurtTry these 6 ways to flavour plain yogurt

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5 Comments on “6 ways to flavour plain yogurt”

  1. Jacked up plain yogurt is my go to breakfast on work days. My favorite is PB2 (powered peanut butter because regular peanut butter does not like my digestive system) and a few dark chocolate chips sweetened with Stevia. Chips sweetened with stevia dramarically cuts the sugar/calorie count but still takes the edge of the tange of the plain yogurt and satisfies the ‚Äúchew‚ÄĚ factor.

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