choose your eggs carefully

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what to look for when buying eggs

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Options are great, right?  When you have lots of options you can choose exactly what fits your needs, wants, values, etc…. but those options come at a price.  Having too many choices can be stressful and time consuming!

A quick trip to the grocery store can turn into a daylong event. After  deciding which yogurt to buy, whether to buy multigrain or whole grain bread, etc. etc… you have to choose between millions of eggs that all look the same.

The best egg for you depends on what matters most to you.  Nutrition?  The way the hens were raised?  Price? Each one of these eggs has their strong points, so decide what you value most.

 RegularOmega 3Pasture Raised
Price $2.90 $3.50 $6.30
Vitamin A101 ug100 ug100 ug
Vitamin E1.29 mg5 mg2.58 mg
Total Omega 30.076 g0.4 g0.19 mg
DHA (type of omega 3)0 mg0.75 mg0 mg
Living conditions:Raised in small cages. Chickens never roam free.Raised in small cages. Chickens never roam free.Allowed time outside to roam around freely.

Prices from a Winnipeg grocery store December 2014

If you’re wondering whether eggs are a healthy choice, read this!


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