5 ways eggs are better than you think

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Eggs have a bad reputation that they just can’t seem to shake. The ‘90s may have been good for Aqua and Pearl Jam but they sure gave eggs a hard time. This is too bad, because there are many reasons why eggs are fantastic.

#1 – High Quality Protein

The protein in eggs consistently scores high across different measurements of protein quality. Proteins, like words, are comprised of letters of an alphabet. Protein’s “alphabet” contains 21 letters called amino acids. 9 of these are called essential because the human body needs to get them from food, while your body can make the rest of them itself. So, if a protein source has a relatively high amount of essential amino acids, it rates well on the protein quality scores. Eggs are chock full of the right mix of amino acids.

#2 – They Keep You Full Longer

Protein slows gastric emptying, which means it helps keep food in your stomach. This obviously keeps you feeling full for longer. With 6 grams of protein and only 1 gram of carbohydrate per large egg, eating eggs for breakfast will keep you feeling full longer than toast or a bowl of cereal would.

#3 – Soooo Much Healthiness

Eggs contain trace amounts of nearly every vitamin/mineral and are an excellent source of choline, a substance your body needs to keep your cell membranes and memory in working order.

#4 – Eating Healthy CAN Be Cheap!

This reason has nothing to do with my nutritional background and everything to do with my frugal Mennonite heritage: eggs are cheap! There’s a lot of nutrition packed into 15 cents a serving!  Don’t believe it when people tell you it’s expensive to eat healthy.

#5 – Versatility

What other food can you easily throw into any meal of the day? Eggs are so versatile. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, supper, or a snack. You can eat them savoury or sweet. You can use the white, the yolk, or the whole thing. 

But what about cholesterol?

Yeah, we’ve all heard about how high in cholesterol eggs are.  That reputation has had people with high blood pressure avoiding eggs like the plague.  

However, it turns out that the cholesterol we eat doesn’t have much impact on the cholesterol in our blood. You’re not going to want to eat a dozen eggs a day, but recent studies have shown that one egg a day will not raise blood cholesterol, even in those individuals who need to work on their cholesterol levels.

So go ahead and enjoy your eggs.  If you don’t enjoy them yet, you should probably learn to! 🙂

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3 Comments on “5 ways eggs are better than you think”

  1. We love our eggs around here!! Kevin raised hens (~500) as a teen. He usually has two eggs for lunch in some form each day! I often join him!

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