RDs spill the beans!

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New feature on the blog!

I’m starting a new feature on the blog: RDs Spill The Beans! I’ll interview dietitians about the food they eat and their nutrition philosophies.  People always seem to be interested in what dietitians eat, so now’s your chance to take a sneak peak into a dietitian’s fridge 🙂

RDs spill the beans

RDs spill the beans

First up is Amy Horrock, a dietitian in beautiful British Columbia who works with the regional dysphagia team. Due to a recent medical diagnosis in her family, Amy has been challenged to create nutritionally balanced yet delicious meals on a limited ingredient list. Check out http://deliciousdietitianduo.wordpress.com where Amy and her identical twin sister (who is also a dietitian! Dietitwins!) post tasty and unique grain-free/dairy-free recipes!



Jessica: Describe your eating style in 5 words or less

Amy: Ethical, plant- based, clean eating

Jessica: What are your favourite foods?

Amy: Peanut butter, chocolate, peanut butter + chocolate, smoothies, fresh seasonal fruit, apple crisp, grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade borscht!

Jessica: What are 5 foods that are always in your fridge or pantry

Amy: 1) Fresh or frozen berries – I put them in my hot cereal in the morning, sliced over yogurt, delicious for snacks, great for smoothies

2) Salmon – either canned, frozen or fresh it’s a fantastic quick meal, fabulously nutritious and we can get wild salmon here in BC!

3) Ground flaxseed – I add seeds to my oatmeal in the morning (along with chia, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, coconut) and use flaxseed as an egg replacer for baking.

4) Fresh parsley, cilantro or other herbs – it gives such a wonderful flavour and colour to so many dishes and is excellent in fresh vegetables juices!  Try cucumber, lemon, parsley juice if you have a juicer!

5) Natural peanut butter – melted on oatmeal, spread on an apple, off a spoon with some blueberry jam…it’s such an easy and tasty plant based protein and energy source!

Jessica: Are there any foods you would never eat from a nutrition point of view?

Amy: Hmmmmm that’s an interesting question.  I would try most things once but I think I would not eat hard margarine because the trans fats are scary or maybe spam….

Jessica: If you could only send one nutrition message out to the world, what would it be?

Amy: Eat foods that are as least processed as possible!  It’s beneficial for your body, your wallet, and the environment!

Jessica: What do you think people should relax more about in terms of eating/food?

Amy: Counting calories!  Focus on wholesome food choices and behaviours instead of obsessing about number crunching that takes the joy out of eating.

Jessica: What inspired you to become a dietitian?

Amy: Well I originally went to University to become a chemist….but then I realized I wouldn’t like working in a lab all my life!  I took a introductory nutrition course in my first year of university and fell in love with the applied science that is nutrition!  I love this career because the area of nutrition is so broad and is an ever evolving body of knowledge.  Everyone eats!  Food is something that everyone has in common!

Jessica: Do you have a favourite vitamin, mineral, or other nutrient?

Amy: It’s hard to say that I have a favourite vitamin or mineral.  I think the area of probiotics and prebiotics is fascinating and look forward to seeing what comes out of the research in the future.  Having a husband recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease I’ve discovered how complex the gut truly is and how it can affect every system in the body!  The ability to alter how the gut works through eating certain food ingredients is really exciting!


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