cook once & eat for days! batch cooking: volume 2

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It’s another batch cooking post!! Are you excited? I sure am. This new way of cooking has no-word-of-a-lie revolutionized my life. And I think it has for some of you guys too. This post is dedicated to those who told me they tried out my first batch cooking batch of recipes.  You know who you are. You’re awesome and you inspire me to keep these posts going!

As a recap, this is what batch cooking is in a nutshell: you gather all your ingredients for several recipes and make them all during one kitchen session. Then, on eating day, you have minimal prep work to do! This plan is perfect for those days when you’re busy carting your kids (or yourself!) from one activity to another and barely have any time for dinner. With batch cooking you can have both a quick meal AND a homemade meal on the table. Win-win. No sacrifices here! 

If cooking more than one meal at a time sounds a bit stressful to you, don’t worry. I’ve outlined step-by-step instructions to get you from point A to point Z. 

Batch cooking volume 2

why it’s a smart choice

Batch cooking can save your sanity. Here’s why:

  • no need to stress out and wonder “what’s for dinner?” when you’re done work and tired
  • less temptation to stop in at the drivethru or order takeout, making it easier to stick with your health goals
  • saves time cooking throughout the week
  • less dishes to wash (my favourite!)
  • easy way to incorporate more variety into your eating

Here are the recipes you’ll make:

Batch cooking collage volume 2

In this handy printable you get:

  • a grocery shopping list 
  • master instructions for how to most efficiently make all the meals simultaneously
  • individual recipes if you want to make your favourites on their own

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Batch cooking volume 2

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4 Comments on “cook once & eat for days! batch cooking: volume 2”

  1. My hubby and I have done both your batch cooking plans. It feels like a big mess right in the middle of it and I wonder if it is worth it, but the reward IS worth it. We have a good 8 meals for our family of 4 (2 adults and 2 young kids), we have fun/couple time cooking together, I know exactly what I need to buy at the store each week and we don’t waste as much food (as everything we buy has a plan for it’s use), plus we have now tried out 8 new recipies!
    We would love to see some more of these plans in the future. We have already shared this with a few of our friends!
    It does help to look at the individual recipes so you know what you’re working toward.

    1. Thank you so much for your input! Such a good idea to look at the individual recipes. I’ll make sure to include that tip in future plans (and yes, there will be more of them!) I love that you view the process as something FUN to do together! The rewards of batch cooking know no bounds! haha I’m too excited about this way of cooking.

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