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Good morning! 

If you haven’t already noticed batch cooking has taken over my dinner prep… and now it’s taking over my morning prep too. Breakfast meal prepping is in the house! 

I’m probably not supposed to say this but I actually don’t think breakfast meal prepping will take over in my life. Since I work from home and look after a toddler from home I’m not rushing around in the morning to get out of the house. And Jeremy’s job hours are somewhat flexible so since he’s a night owl he takes the opportunity to have slow mornings too.

Yes, you can hate us now. We live a bit of a cushy life. Well, to make you feel better, it’s a cushy life in a trashy neighbourhood. Like, literally trashy. Yesterday our neighbour who has a boy the same age as ours invited us out to pick up trash along the boulevards. The boys were sad when we had to go in for lunch but we consoled them by saying “don’t worry, there will ALWAYS be more trash for us to pick up here.” 

We were actually marvelling about the level of littering that goes on in our neighbourhood. To us, NOT littering is so engrained in our DNA that it seems unfathomable to do it. For others, it’s simply the norm. Then, for others, they wouldn’t normally litter but because they’re passing through this end of town, it’s no big deal. There had been an incident in the neighbourhood recently and the police got involved. After they were done, they just dropped their disposable gloves on the ground. It’s rather infuriating. They wouldn’t do that in their neighbourhood but suddenly it’s okay over here? Okay, they probably don’t have incidents like this in their neighbourhood to begin with…..


Sigh. Let me get back to breakfast and mornings. They don’t get my ire and blood pressure up in the same way. 

I actually sometimes miss getting out of the door in the morning and heading off to work. I love that “good morning world!” moment of stepping out of the house, smelling the fresh morning air, and feeling so so alive! Sometimes I just step outside to try and recreate the feeling but it’s not quite the same. 

And I used to deny being a morning person…..


morning rush taking over?

School is starting back up. Routines are falling into place. Make life easier on yourself and have breakfast ready to go!

Following this plan to a “t” will give you 21 days of real, whole food, nourishing, delicious breakfasts. They’re just as fast as instant cereals and granola bars but so much better for you. These are four brand new, never-before-seen recipes for the blog! These recipes are currently making my mornings even more awesome. 

The bacon cheese n egger muffins are bursting with savoury flavour. Combined with an orange it’s a super refreshing breakfast.

The vanilla pear green smoothies are creamy and soul satisfying. 

The overnight oats have a spicy, stick-to-your-ribs goodness about them. 

And the lemon poppyseed protein pancakes have a delightful little zing to them that are complimented so well by the sweet berries. 


more breakfast love

Breakfast can have a huge impact on your day. This one meal can change your day from “ugh” to “ah-mazing!” What you choose to eat can make you feel sluggish and tired or it can power your day with energy that lasts. Research has even shown that the right breakfast can stop afternoon snack cravings from hitting!

I’ve created a free e-book all about how to craft a nourishing and healthy breakfast!



Lastly, if you found this tutorial helpful,  share it with a friend! 



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7 Comments on “prep 21 days of breakfast all at once!”

  1. I apologize but how can I get the printable list and recipes for the 21 days of breakfast? I signed up for the newsletter but it was just neat tricks for making good breakfasts. I click the image and it is literally the png that opens. I would love to try your recipes but can’t find them. Please advise. Thank you!

  2. The recipe for the egg muffins calls for flaked potatoes, which I couldn’t find in the store. Is that the same as instant mashed potatoes? Is it something that can be left out?

    Thanks for the great recipes look forward to trying them!

    1. Yes! it’s instant mashed potato flakes! You’re the second person to ask this so I updated the printout to say “mashed instant potato flakes.”

      1. Thanks. I did end up making them without because I couldn’t get to the store. I just added a touch more flour. They were delicious! And so were the waffles. A bit more delicate than regular waffles and required greasing the waffle maker but really good. Excited to have healthy and filling options for me and the kids in the morning.

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